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bofa trailer in a nutshell

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a series of stupidly gorgeous collections
↳ rami al ali spring 2014 couture

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Alan Tudyk’s and Nathan Fillion’s encounter with Justin Bieber at the Halo 3 release party (x)

Never tell King of the Geeks to leave a geeky thing behind.

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a little old fanart just to renew my love for that comic <3


a little old fanart just to renew my love for that comic <3

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When you have a connection with someone, it never really goes away. You snap back to being important to each other because you still are.

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youre gonna look so goddamn cool

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Alarm went off at 6am this morning for work. A very sleepy sweetestabandon half woke up and angrily said “I’m sorry I forgot to turn the mango grove off, it’s so noisy!” and then fell back to sleep. I’m still laughing.

I really want to know what I was dreaming about!

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Elven Royalty ~ reality vs. expectation [x]

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Are you always waiting like readers of the books for certain moments to air to see the audience freak out? (x)

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I'm happily taken by my lovely lady Lauren go love her, who I wouldn't be with today if it weren't for my person, who is kick ass and lives at heyharpo go love her too, and Ellyn too I suppose she deserves a spot.

I like to read and I watch more tv than is probably healthy, I also like it when nice people talk to me about stuff they find interesting, so if you're bored leave me an ask.

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